Children's Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor Play Area

Why not take advantage of our outdoor play area, suitable for toddlers and older children. Here the children can be more adventurous in a safe environment and work off some of their energy in the fresh sea air.

It offers all the old favourites like swings, chutes and climbing frames as well as some new attractions like the flying fox and stand on see-saw.

You can also test their powers of concentration and balance when they try to balance four ping pong balls on a moving base. Even just watching this is fun!

Smaller children

There is a separate area for the smaller children containing three sit on rides that bounce and sway keeping even the wee ones amused.

Under every attraction is a high density rubber chipped shock absorbing mat to assist in the safety of all the children, even the most boisterous.

There are also ‘park benches’ for the adults to relax on and enjoy watching the kids having fun, which is only a few seconds walk from the leisure centre.